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Stress | Sleep Issues

Working stress

Due to some life changing events in my life I had been struggling for the last 2.5 years.  My sleep patterns were way off and generally getting only a few hours of broken sleep each night.  I was having trouble regulating my moods and often felt flat, broken and just going through the motions.

My initial session I mostly just felt relaxation which is not something I had even felt for a long time.  This has continued to deepen each session and that wonderful feeling of lightness stays with me now when I leave.

After 6 sessions, my sleep has improved ten fold.  I now sleep though the night most nights.  If I do wake up in the night I get back to sleep quickly and easily.  I no longer lie awake for hours with hundreds of thoughts running through my head.  I feel like the tension in my entire body has lightened.  I feel much more in control of my life.  I am able to deal with situations with out extreme reactions.  The fight, flight and the new one I learnt “Freeze” reactions I felt within my entire body have eased significantly.

I am so happy with the outcome of my sessions.  Life will always “happen” but I really feel in control again and no longer lost, tired and emotional. I would 100% recommend Craniosacral to anyone.  It has helped me to release so much tension and anxiety, I am now sleeping and life is good!!  (mostly wink)


I was very stressed and was finding it very hard to get to sleep without my mind racing from one thing to another.During the sessions I felt very relaxed even though I didn’t know what was going to happen. After seeing James I seem to be taking everything as it comes not worrying about things out of my control. I am able to get to sleep very quickly and stay solidly sleeping till morning which is fabulous. I am very happy with how I am able to relax and let the pressure go. I would recommend trying Craniosacral therapy to anyone who has sleep issues or family related stress, also tension in the body is let go with this therapy.

Susan B


Working stress

I first came to see James because I was suffering from tinnitus. This had been an intermittent issue for a number of years but had recently become more frequent and while not debilitating was increasingly irritating.

The sessions were extremely relaxing. There was a sense of expanding of the muscles and and a general overall feeling of calmness.
After maybe three or four sessions the tinnitus was greatly reduced and, furthermore, I felt much looser in the body.
I would recommend James’s services to anybody.

I came to see james with tinnitus & neck pain. After 2 sessions the tinnitus dramatically reduced and neck pain disappeared. I am very happy, it’s great to know a way of dealing with this issue.

Finn Scholes

I had constant ringing in ears (tinnitus) and generally feeling stress/overwhelm. I started noticing improvement within the first week of the first session with James, I was feeling more calm generally. After the third session I noticed a huge improvement, most of the time the ringing was gone / I wasn’t aware of it. I am very pleased with the outcome of the sessions I had with James, it has helped me with feeling more calm and the ringing in my ears, I would highly recommend James to others who may be experiencing something similar.

Gavin Followell

Trauma / Emotional Work

Back & Neck Pain

James is an incredibly skilful and thoughtful practitioner. He is able to maintain a neutral, compassionate presence no matter what arises and can work with a broad range of patterns and issues. The proof is always in the pudding and these sessions have helped me to move a number of stuck patterns, including wounding in my heart, balancing my head and body, and early childhood trauma. The end result is that I am much healthier, more embodied and feel a lot lighter.

I would recommend James to anyone who is looking to support their healing process, be it physical, emotional or mental. I have really appreciated working with him and feel grateful for the depth the sessions have been able to go to and the amount I have been able to work with and move forward in a relatively short space of time.

C Saunders

Concussion | Injuries

Back & Neck Pain

14 Months after having a fall which resulted in several facial factures and concussion, left me unable to bite with my top teeth and constant pain in my mouth and neck. This caused me sleepless nights, living on pain killers and only able to mangage soft foods. I had been to an Oral Surgeon, root canal specialist and physiotherapist etc. with no positive outcome. Told if nerve damage there was nothing they could do for it. After having a random conversation with a lady who had suffered an injury had Craniosacral Therapy and could highly recommend the treatment , I decided on my return to Auckland to look into it. As this was entirely new to me I didnt really know what to expect. Found the treatment completely unintrusive, James has a very calming touch, which enabled me to relax, very hard to explain how I felt after my first treatment for the first 24 hours, then realised the pain in my mouth was less intense and after a few days was able to cut back on the amout of pain killers I was taking and was sleeping better. I have now had 5 treatments over 2 months have less pain and more movment in my neck and for the first time in 16 months managed to bite and chew a piece of toast. I can’t thank James enough for helping to get my life back on track and would certainly recommend this treatment.

N. C.Pilkington

Thank you so much for your cranial services over the past couple months. They have made a world of difference in my personal and professional life, being able to go with the flow with kids in the classroom and be at peace with uncontrollables.


(After a concussion..) I was experiencing frequent anxiety, sleeping problems, trouble concentrating and just a general feeling of uneasiness for a large majority of my days.

After a number of sessions I felt as if a lot of unnoticed tension had unwound and in turn relieved a large amount of my anxiety. I was sceptical after the first couple sessions as there was not immediate changes and its a different method used but after a total of 7 sessions in the end it’s undeniable that I feel better by leaps and bounds which I attribute to the cranial sacral work.

Mitch Mcrae

I had a skateboarding accident which impacted my sacrum, back and head. This resulted in chronic headaches, neck pain, back pain, ear-ache and tooth-ache. The pain from the tooth-ache had me visiting the dental surgeon with requests to rip my back molars out, and I was asked to visit the hospital to have an MRI scan to check for neural damage. The concussion and injury left me sleepless for many nights and living on painkillers, it was torture!

During my treatment with James I felt very deep and sublime sensations in my body and he was able to locate very accurately the areas of stress and imbalance. Almost immediately and within the next 2 hours following my first Craniosacral Therapy session the effects were truly profound – my chronic headaches had dispersed and I felt a calm throughout my spine and back. I was able to sleep easy that night and no longer needed painkillers.

After the second treatment I experienced absolute release from the stress and trauma created from the accident and injury. Just 4 weeks after the injury I am now running, skateboarding and rock climbing again.  I am incredibly grateful and happy with the outcome.

Dharbhasana Lynn

Nerve Issues / Sciatica

Back & Neck Pain

Hi James

Just wanted to pop you a quick note and say THANK YOU, I already feel a tonne better after my treatment on Friday! It’s amazing!!!  It’s fantastic to be able to breathe properly through my right nostril again! And did my first hill walk in months yesterday, and no pain in the Hip, so very happy!

Nic V.

I had been suffering significant pain from my right temple, down my jawline and through to my right trapezoid muscle. My teeth were aching as well on the right side. I had spent the previous 10 years searching for an explanation for my pain and after an MRI it was discovered I was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia (type 2). Microvascular Decompression Surgery (MDV) was soon scheduled, but unfortunately the surgery was not completely successful. It did thankfully alleviate the more serious pain, but I was still having a pain which was still significantly affecting my life..

During the treatments I felt a complete sense of relaxation, which is important when dealing with chronic pain conditions. James has a very calming and peaceful touch, and the treatment is completely unintrusive. I was able to finally become relaxed and my tension (caused by constant pain) was alleviated. After a couple of treatments I had a noticeable reduction in all of my pain points.

I was pleasantly surprised with the treatments. I had tried so many different options over the years and left feeling happy with where my pain levels had dropped to. Trigeminal Neuralgia is a notoriously difficult pain to treat so the improvements were very welcome. I would definitely recommend James if you are suffering any type of pain or discomfort. The treatments were very pleasant and actually very relaxing!

Dan O'neill

Back Pain | Neck Pain

Back & Neck Pain
Just wanted to say thank you for the session today.  I thought it was a bit silly at first but wanted to give you some feedback as I am just blown away.
I have had lower back pain for ages and had Osteopath, Chiropractor and Specialist appointments with MRI and CT scans and nobody could find a good enough reason for the pain. When you explained how our bodies hold the stress it all made sense and now I can hand on heart say I have no back pain! I feel amazing and so much more relaxed. I know it’s going to be a process but if today was anything to go by I am very grateful and optimistic.  I did not realise and did not come in with a focus on my back pain as I thought it was a lost cause, hence the feedback.
My stress levels feel much lower too and I’m excited to get a few more treatments.
Look forward to my next session.
Ninette Rogers

I had been suffering lower back pain for over a year. I tried many different treatments including physio, acupuncture, osteo and chiro but nothing worked. During the session with James I felt relaxed and at ease. At times he would mention the feeling of release and I would notice my head spinning a little and then a feeling of being totally relaxed.

After one session with James I no longer suffer from lower back pain. It’s life-changing! I had been living with pain for over a year and now I am completely pain-free! I would 100% recommend Craniosacral to everyone!

Nalisha Tahere

Morning James,
Just wanted to let you know how good my back is and the relief I am feeling after months of the constant throb of pain.
It is the best it has been for a long time.

Andrew Giacon

I suffered from severe back pain after having lifted something ridiculously heavy. Back pain was something really new to me and I had not expected it to linger that long, in spite of physiotherapy, cutting down on my activities, and really looking after myself.

After over two months of pain which made cycling, walking, gardening and sitting at my desk often pretty unbearable and really affected my life quality, I started to look for alternatives. Having had excellent experiences with cranio-sacral therapy before, I was glad my body responded as quickly to it as in the past.

The pain was immediately alleviated after each treatment session, but after two or three days the pain, now reduced, would still kick in again. The real breakthrough came after the third session, after which the back pain did not recur in spite of me now confidently transitioning back to my former active life.

I am so grateful to James, and am now a regular at this practice.

Heike Papenthin

One night I managed to twist my neck at a funny angle and immediately felt intense pain. I was unable to straighten my head or move it at all. I tried to sleep it off but the pain got worse and nothing I did (pain killers or using a hot wheat bag) eased the pain.

I suffered through the night and made an appointment with James for a craniosacral session the following day. Within the first session I felt immediate relief and was more comfortable than I had been in hours. The tension in my neck seemed to release and the pain decreased significantly.

I still couldn’t look sideways over my shoulder as it was still sore so I went back to see James for another session the following day. After that session, my neck was almost back to normal. I could look sideways over both my shoulders and had very little pain when I stretched to look behind.

This was a huge improvement and my neck seemed to fix itself after that. And the whole treatment process was extremely relaxing – I didn’t have to worry about someone clicking it back into place or sticking needles in – which could have been a lot more painful!

Suzy West

I have always had neck issues, it’s where I hold tension and stress. Before I went to see James, it was getting to an unbearable point. I had been going to a Physiotherapist as well as getting massages, but these would only help with the pain for a day or two. Everything was aggravating my neck, from going to the gym or doing yoga, to working and watching TV, and even sleeping. It was just constantly uncomfortable.

Altogether I had five sessions, over the course of seven weeks. Although I felt lighter and the pain was less intense after the first session, it took four sessions for it to really shift. Sometimes I could feel it change during the session, or even as I walked out the door, and other times it would take several days for me to really feel the discomfort had gone.

It has been a month and a half since my last session, and I can happily say my neck is pain free! I can exercise without causing havoc to my neck area, and sleep without my shoulder or neck pain waking me up.

What I like about James’ practice is that it really is a full body approach. He looks at everything that may be affecting the area of your pain, and treats it from there. This means a more permanent and lasting recovery.

Violet Foster

Headaches | Migraines

Headache & Migraine
I was having severe migraines up to twice a week. In the sessions I felt very relaxed. My headaches reduced to twice in 8 weeks and were not so severe. I’m thrilled. I have recommended Craniosacral to others & my husband has been having sessions with James for neck pain.
Pamela Joyce

I had regular intense headaches, migraines, constantly wound up/wired feeling, tense neck and shoulders. In the sessions I felt relaxed, at ease, noticed my issues less. After a number of sessions, I experienced a reduction in intensity of headaches, general ease – wired and wound up feeling pretty much all gone. I feel very good about the outcome, glad to not feel like my life revolves around my headaches anymore. I feel as if I have freedom again to go out and do things without worrying whether my headache will get worse or bring on a migraine.

I would recommend Craniosacral to others, as it has helped me regain control over my life.
If you experience constant headaches or migraines and have anxiety over/from them, then this will help.


My 12 year old daughter Ava has been experiencing migraines since she was 6 years old. Over the years we have tried many different options to help find the possible cause and reduce her migraines but nothing has ever been successful.  Before seeing James, Ava was having migraines roughly every 10 days and the only solution that was working was medication prescribed by our GP.  The medication wasn’t stopping the migraines, it was alleviating the pain and nausea that came with them.
We saw results immediately after our first appointment with James.  Ava went from having a migraine every 10 days to not having one for 4 weeks after our first visit.  We also noticed Ava’s anxiety levels have reduced since seeing James and she seems much calmer overall.
Ava has now gone 16 weeks without a migraine, which is something we’ve never experienced before.  She also seems a lot happier within herself which is amazing.  Ava  has said that she use to worry a migraine could come on at anytime, but that worry has now gone since having Craniosacral Therapy with James.
James is the first person we have found who has made such an enormous difference to not only Ava’s migraines but her whole wellbeing. We have a much happier child and can’t thank James enough for all he has done.
Cecilia Clifford

I was suffering from frequent migraines anywhere from 1-5 weekly and daily headaches. After the first session I stoped having migraines and the headaches began to reduce after 3-4 sessions. Now it’s just the odd headache here and there. I am super happy with the outcome.


When I came to see James I was suffering with migraines and headaches for a few years. I usually had 1-2 migraines per week, each time lasting up to 72 hours during the day and night. Pills were not very helpful.

I stopped having migraines from my first session and after each following one I was having less headaches as well.

I do not have migranes anymore, now if I have a headache, its just once or twice a month . They are weak and do not last long.

I am very happy with the result and i would definitely recommend to do Craniosacral Therapy as I know from my experience how hard it is to find a solution from migraines. The quality of my life is increased and pain does not ruin my life anymore.

Elena Rasskazova

I had been suffering from headaches/migraines, as well as sinus problems for years. I had seen different doctors about these problems only to be given medication that left me feeling drowsy and with low energy, and never being able to pin point the cause of my migraines.

I felt that after each session I had with James, my body felt a lot more relaxed and more at ease. After the second session I noticed that my migraines were becoming less intense and the amount of times I had a migraine weekly became less and less. Before one session with James my sinuses were feeling fairly congested and inflamed and during and after the session I felt pressure release in my face and immediately felt clearing within my sinuses.  By my fourth session my migraines were gone, I felt no more tension and I felt more aware of my body as a whole.

I am absolutely amazed with the results, after suffering from migraines almost daily and having to have taken many types of pain medication for them, I am grateful to have found a natural and pain free relief.

Sarah Moko

I decided to try Craniosacral Therapy as I was suffering from migraines – about 2-3 weekly. After the first session with James my migraines stopped! I did have one headache though, which didn’t turn into a migraine, but after 3 more sessions, they have completely gone. I haven’t taken a migraine pill since seeing James.  I also have a lot more energy and feel great. I am completely amazed and blown away with the result – it was easy, relaxing and pain free – what a cure!

Donna Mcintosh

I had regular severe migraines for the past 5 years on a monthly basis. After the first session with James they became less intense, and by the 3rd session they stopped – I have not had any migraines for what would now be over 3 months! I am really impressed and am glad to have a natural relief.

Vesna Cotterill

I am pregnant and had been having headaches that were persistent and penetrating almost daily, making it hard to think. I had also been experiencing a combination of pain & numbness at the top of each of my buttocks, into my hip and down my leg.

James worked around my pelvis and head in the first session. I was surprised to notice a reduction in my headaches after that very first session. I was also aware that the pain & numbness in my hips had reduced. I continued with the treatments and after the 5th session my headaches were completely gone! I can now think clearly and calmly. I am absolutely rapt with the results! The pain & numbness in my hips has significantly reduced too, and I feel it improve with every session. As a bonus i have noticed my ‘clicky’ shoulder – a shoulder that was always weak – now feels strong & fully functional.

I am very grateful for the treatments with James as I know they help me and that has a flow on effect for the baby.

Cecile Tayler

Since my teenage years, I have endured countless migraines of varying degree. Some have lasted 30 minutes, others up to three days. Unfortunately, I have never been able to pin-point the trigger of these debilitating headaches. James put a hand under my lower back, causing different sensations, more like a faint whirling around my spine. Following this, James held my head, ever so gently. This caused a very pleasant tingling sensation in my head, neck and down my spine. A feeling of total relaxation overtook my whole body and has continued in subsequent treatments. Now the results, this is, of course, the most important part of any treatment. Four weeks in and NOT one migraine! In general I feel a lot happier and positive, at ease with myself, more energetic and able to think more clearly.

Denise Tuson

I used to get migraines and headaches often and the only way in which I could make them stop would be to sleep them off. It was a real pain. First I started losing my vision and then I would throw up and have to close my eyes for darkness. I didn’t want to go to the doctors because I didn’t think that prescribing drugs would help to permanently stop this from reoccurring, I needed to go to the root of the problem. I don’t want to be taking drugs everyday for something that happens once in a while, it seems wrong and not healthy for the body.

After about 2 – 3 sessions with James, the migraines pretty much stopped and I haven’t had one for over 4 months which is a real improvement. I don’t even get annoying little headaches anymore. I am very happy with the outcome of this treatment and would highly recommend it to anyone that is having the same experiences as I was having. It will vastly improve your quality of life and its very easy to do.

Harrison Gosling

Sinus Congestion

I have had congested sinuses for much of my life, and as a result was suffering from sinus related headaches almost daily. I was having to take pain relief for the headaches and in my frustration decided to try something new. After the first treatment with James I was able to feel a slight release in pressure in my head. After 3 more treatments, I now have relief. I no longer wake up with headaches and my sinuses are draining! I would happily recommend James and Craniosacral Therapy.

Kate Garvey

Mothers & Babies

Mother & Baby

I came to James for treatment for my baby and I. Following a very challenging birth, my son was suffering digestive issues. It was a huge appeal that James treated mother and baby at once, as we are one and particularly for my son, he feeds off my energy and it was great for us to be in sync. For me, every session was immensely relaxing and grounding. Over the 5 or so weeks we came, my sons digestive issues improved and his tummy became relaxed. James is a very warm and caring person. I would definitely recommend him for Craniosacral therapy. 

Elaine McKeown

When we came to visit James, baby was suffering from gas, constipation and unbearable colic. She was crying most nights and I felt quite tense and out of sorts from lack of sleep & her premature birth. We loved our Mum & baby sessions as our weekly self care outing. It was incredible to see the calming effect and pain relief she experienced and how it really reset both of our nervous systems. 

Katy - Henderson

Our newborn daughter was dealing with some health issues including faltering growth and intense stomach pains due to an ongoing virus causing gut issues.
We were recommended James and Craniosacral as a therapy to help resolve or compliment the process of healing for our daughters gut.
As a part of this process, James really recognises the connection between mother and daughter and treated myself in the sessions as well. 
During these sessions, I felt a complete energy shift, I could feel a sense of settlement in areas that I was holding onto tension and felt as thought I was ‘melting’ into the bed. James was able to recognise patterns through this therapy and had the ability to understand more about what I was experiencing probably than my conscious self! At times, I felt like my body was spinning one way and my head the other, James then would facilitate this pattern and ‘level’ me out. Myself and my daughter would both leave the sessions feel absolutely relaxed, a sense of peace and a positive shift. 
The results we saw for both myself and my daughter were physically and mentally evident. 
I will continue to utilise James for all areas of needs including addressing trauma (not just physical aspects) and am extremely grateful in his approach and talents to help my daughter to recover. 
Sam S

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder

I had the early stages of a ‘frozen’ right shoulder. It was niggling away and I didn’t seem to be able to settle into any position with comfort, day or night. It was very annoying and nothing seemed to be helping. I’m right-handed and use my hands throughout the day sitting at my computer keyboard for work or carrying out daily chores, and having this constant irritation was really starting to get in the way of the day’s flow.

After just one session of Craniosacral Therapy with James the low-grade pain in my shoulder eased and then simply disappeared, and has not returned.  I’ve had frozen shoulders in the past and this was certainly the quickest and simplest solution I’ve ever found in dealing with it, and completely supplement or drug-free!  To anyone wondering whether it’s worth a shot in dealing with pain or discomfort, I’d say, there’s really nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Liz Raizis

I worked as a chef in frozen food industry for a number of years. This involved being in sub zero temperatures regularly and also heavy lifting. As a result of this, I ended up with two frozen shoulders with strong pain stopping me from lifting my arms above my head. This only got worse with age even though I had long left the job. I went to several GPs who just gave me pain killers and told me that this is something I pretty much had to live with for the rest of my life.

I came across James’ CST practice one day and decided to give it a try. To my surprise, I noticed a difference after just a couple of appointments, and after going to see him regularly once a week for 8 weeks, I am completely pain free and have full range of movement. I wish I had found CST a lot earlier!

Padma Martin

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