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About Headaches & Migraines

Headaches & Migraines affect 1 in every 3 people. Patients often report their headaches are taking time out of their day or week for recovery, and that their prescribed medications give side effects, or that they are worried about becoming reliant on taking pain relief & would prefer a more natural solution.

Headaches are classified into many different types – the most common types are listed below:

  • Sinus Headaches
  • Tension headaches
  • Cluster headaches
  • Migraine with Aura
  • Migraine without Aura
  • Chronic Migraines
  • Post-injury headaches
  • Post-trauma headaches
Headache & Migraine

In CST we work with the symptoms that are unique to you & what you are experiencing. In addition to pain, headache & migraine patients often report feeling:

  • easily overwhelmed
  • easily irritated
  • hypersensitive to noise & light
  • hypersensitive to their environment in general
  • foggy thinking
  • unfocused
  • tired / fatigued
  • stressed
  • living in a state of worry as to when the next episode will be
  • held back by their headaches

What causes headaches & migraines?

If you identify with some of above symptoms you are not alone. Headaches & migraines are mostly about Nervous System overwhelm. When the Nervous System is overused & reaches overwhelm we get a storm in the brain & brainstem which results in tension, pain & inflammation. This is why sufferers often need to reduce exposure to light, sound, screens & busy environments during a migraine – to give their nervous system the break it needs.

There can be many events & experiences in our lives that can either directly cause overwhelm or contribute to it. Examples of these are: 

  • Birth Trauma  
  • Injuries
  • Surgery
  • Dental Work
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Work Stresses
  • Dealing with loss
  • Accidents
  • Falls / Concussion

How can Craniosacral Therapy help?

CST is great at helping to settle the Nervous System overload response back into healthy operation. After several sessions with CST patients often report feeling a sense of well-being & ease in situations they would normally be feeling stressed & agitated. This is how it feels when we operate with Nervous System that is more calm & resourced.

CST uses gentle contact & subtle movements to coax the Nervous System (and us) back into feeling safe. (CST is different from the Watson Method & does not manipulate the neck). Working more gently & addressing your whole Nervous System results in a deeper and longer lasting change that feels good during and after treatment.

“Headaches & Migraines result from overwhelm & overload of the Nervous System”

Read What Some of Our Patients Say

My 12 year old daughter Ava has been experiencing migraines since she was 6 years old. Over the years we have tried many different options to help find the possible cause and reduce her migraines but nothing has ever been successful.  Before seeing James, Ava was having migraines roughly every 10 days and the only solution that was working was medication prescribed by our GP.  The medication wasn’t stopping the migraines, it was alleviating the pain and nausea that came with them.
We saw results immediately after our first appointment with James.  Ava went from having a migraine every 10 days to not having one for 4 weeks after our first visit.  We also noticed Ava’s anxiety levels have reduced since seeing James and she seems much calmer overall.
Ava has now gone 16 weeks without a migraine, which is something we’ve never experienced before.  She also seems a lot happier within herself which is amazing.  Ava  has said that she use to worry a migraine could come on at anytime, but that worry has now gone since having Craniosacral Therapy with James.
James is the first person we have found who has made such an enormous difference to not only Ava’s migraines but her whole wellbeing. We have a much happier child and can’t thank James enough for all he has done.
Cecilia Clifford

When I came to see James I was suffering with migraines and headaches for a few years. I usually had 1-2 migraines per week, each time lasting up to 72 hours during the day and night. Pills were not very helpful.

I stopped having migraines from my first session and after each following one I was having less headaches as well.

I do not have migranes anymore, now if I have a headache, its just once or twice a month . They are weak and do not last long.

I am very happy with the result and i would definitely recommend to do Craniosacral Therapy as I know from my experience how hard it is to find a solution from migraines. The quality of my life is increased and pain does not ruin my life anymore.

Elena Rasskazova

I had regular severe migraines for the past 5 years on a monthly basis. After the first session with James they became less intense, and by the 3rd session they stopped – I have not had any migraines for what would now be over 3 months! I am really impressed and am glad to have a natural relief.

Vesna Cotterill

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